Coimbra, Portugal
Coimbra, Portugal

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About the Training Centre

The Teacher Training Centre Nova Ágora – Centro de Formação de Associação de Escolas (Nova Ágora CFAE) is an accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training centre, integrating seven school groups (clusters), a secondary school and a school of performing arts, all of them state-run, in the region of Coimbra, in Portugal. It aims to address the needs of teachers and other school staff regarding their continuous professional development, therefore contributing to the required knowledge, updating and the improvement of teaching and learning methodologies, increasing school efficiency.


The Nova Ágora CFAE is based on the fundamental principles that it should contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning in every associated school and, consequently, of the school education system. It should facilitate the access to continuous professional development (CPD), targeted at teachers and other Education staff, in different formats and methodologies (courses, workshops, conferences and seminars, among others).


Our objectives include:

  • to ensure the implementation of teacher and other school staff training plans, as defined by schools, according to their needs, priorities and interests;
  • to ensure support to schools in the implementation of curricula and in the implementation of specific projects;
  • to build partnership networks with higher education institutions, with a view to the adequacy and quality of the training offer;
  • to prioritise relations with local and regional communities;
  • to foster the dissemination of good practices, the sharing of pedagogical experiences and educational resources suited to the organisational, scientific and pedagogical needs of schools and teaching professionals;
  • to guarantee the quality of training, through mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating training and its impact and reformulating training plans in accordance with the results obtained;
  • to collaborate with the education administration on programs relevant to the education system.

It is the mission of the training centre to contribute to the quality of education through CPD programmes developed at different levels.

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